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Negotiated Rates: Users acknowledge that the rates provided by farehubflight.com and its affiliate companies result from negotiations between Farehubflight.com and Travel Suppliers. These rates encompass fees retained by Travel Suppliers for their services, as well as taxes and other charges.

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Recourse for Defaults: In the event of a supplier default, users' recourse for a refund is with the defaulting supplier, insurance covering such defaults, or other responsible third parties, unless the loss is solely caused by farehubflight.com. Users may pursue recourse against the supplier for a refund, as permitted by law.

Beyond Control: Farehubflight.com assumes no responsibility for actions beyond its control, and it is not liable for any consequences arising from the actions or inactions of Travel Suppliers.

Currency Conversion: Farehubflight.com is not liable for final currency conversion rates after a travel reservation is made for international products and services. Currency rates vary, and quoted prices in local currency are guidelines.

Non-Refundable Reservations: Certain travel reservations may be non-refundable or subject to penalties for cancellation or seeking a refund. Users are advised to read and comply with the Terms & Conditions imposed by Travel Suppliers.

Discount Variability: Discounts offered may vary based on factors such as airlines, class of service, destination, and time of year, advance notice, minimum stay requirements, and flight load.

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Users understand that violations of Travel Supplier rules may result in reservation cancellation, denial of access to services, forfeiture of paid amounts, and debit of their account for incurred costs.